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Seamless Install Class

Thanks for your interest in this one-on-one course!
Add value to yourself as a Professional Stylist by gaining knowledge on three luxury hair services. Learn how to triple your income by gaining knowledge on the following services: 
✨Keratin Tips

The stylist can perform services on a live model or mannequin. The class will be held for 4-8 hours.

(Training Kit)
Hair extensions will be provided as well as hand tools. 
Kit value (Tape-in/iTip): $800 
Kit Value (kTip): $1,050

This class also comes with three months of mentoring! We all could use a follow-up when learning something new! 
Become your best self in 2023!

COURSE TOTAL: $2,000 (Tape-in/iTips)
COURSE TOTAL: $1,600 (Keratin Tips)

A $500 deposit is required.

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